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A (late) b-day party post


Hola! I was celebrating my friend’s Drama’s birthday several weeks ago (last month) and we were having LOADS of fun 😉 I prefer small parties the best, with just your best friends. Of course sometimes it’s really nice and cheerful to have more people. But usually when you make a big party, people divide into groups, and there’s someone feeling left out. Also, you’ll easily end up giving attention to your best friends more than the other guests. Never happened to me, but I’ve seen this happen many times…

Anyway, this party was really nice! The guests included some of my best friends too: Pill and AJ 🙂 And the party was amazing too, of course as me and drama planned it with our amazing planning skills 😉

The party included some treasure hunting, piñata, eating (:D) and having fun! My favourite part was the piñata xD This is how it went:

The day before, me and drama made a piñata, and also decorated it. It ended up looking like an owl 😛 The plan was that everyone gets to have at least 1 turn. Drama first (of course, her b-day) then….me maybe? Or AJ, and then Pill. First round, Drama couldn’t make a difference. Then me, one tiny bump. Then AJ, and it falls down I think…. Then Pill and she makes a giant hole. Do you know the difference between the stick when me+drama and AJ+Pill where trying to break the piñata? Well, AJ broke the stick (this piñata was….extraordinary) and the ending part of the stick (a little rubber cap) flew off. Then we realized that this new stick was a lot better for breaking the piñata! That’s my defense! 😉

Just before I continue, I want to inform you a little detail of our stick, and the history behind it.

Me and Drama had to find a stick we could break the piñata with. So we went shopping. There was this shop, Daiso, with a lot of cheap and some not so cheap stuff. We thought:
” Hey! They have a lot of different stuff, let’s go there and we’ll see.”
So we went in, and walked around the shop for about 15-20 mins. 😛 Then, we saw one of those sticks that old people use ‘coz they can’t walk properly. Like this:

We were like “YES!! Perfect!” xD We bought it, and we were proud of our decision ;). So that’s the thing we were breaking the piñata with. Makes the image clearer? Good 🙂 Well, now I’ll go on telling how the “piñata breaking” continued.

As pill made the giant hole in it, we had one more round breaking it completely, and then finally I jumped on it. Then everyone collects as much candy as they can. Oh, and throughout this (actually every time someone was trying to break the piñata) Pill was singing the traditional spanish song for Piñata. Then we all got a lot of candy and everyone was happy 🙂

Also, the cake that was served was made by Drama, me, Pill and AJ 😀 It was a rainbow coloured cake :9 Here’s some pics of it:

Rainbow Cake by Polished Kiwi, Drama, Pill and AJ

Ta daa! Rainbow Cake by Polished Kiwi, Pill, Drama and AJ

Soooooo good 😉 We made it by putting some food colourings in it (layers).  The layers mixed when we baked it, so this is what it looked like after baking, and we added decorations 🙂 It was delicious! The taste was originally lemon.

A closer look at the rainbow cake (PolishedKiwi©)

A closer look 😉 There was some yellow there as well xD

I hope you enjoyed (and read all of) this post, and a new one is on its way!

Have a nice day, see you soon! 😉


Little by little


Hey guys!

I’m starting to learn this thing, little by little, but still getting there. Some things like the themes and some other stuff like following and finding other blogs is still a bit confusing…But yey, I got my first follower on my first day~

So today, I will make a little post ’bout me. Nothing much, just to show people some characteristics and something else.

I’m a girl from Finland, now staying in the UAE, and starting my 2nd year.

I really miss my buddies&BFFs, snow and some family members (which means cats especially!).

As I’ve just told you, I have 2 cats, both living in Finland with my granny. They’re orange and they have light stripes so we sometimes call ’em tigers, especially when we see them hunting some little insect (yes, the younger one does it, lol) or some mice…They are really cute, if you don’t believe me, watch:

So this is my cat, Niilo, really cute isn’t she? :3

Believe me now? ;D

I have many true friends/BFFs and BFFLs, some in here and some in Finland. One in here is “Glamour Llamo” (Glamour is it ok 2 say that? xDDD) and other in Finland is……let’s just say Noodle, I don’t know which nickname to give her. Those two are my REEEALLY best friends<3

That’s it, I’ll save some other stuff for later 😉 See you soon!

Have a great day~