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Introducing Polished Kiwi’s hobby….


…Which is nail polishing 😛 I used to blog about it too, I’ll see if I make a different blog for just that one or do I mix nail art and traveling…(That’s what I used to do). So, I did Tiger Nails just in the beginning of this month. Here you go:

Free hand tiger nails by Polished Kiwi

Free hand tiger nails by Polished Kiwi 🙂

Do you like them? I’m not that good when it comes to doing nail art by free-hand, but I’ll get better! Also, sometimes I just paint my nails and after I have them on a longer time I start loving them 😀 These are actually gradient tiger nails. Firstly I polished my nails orange. Then sponged some golden to the tips and afterwards the stripes 😀 That’s it for the nails.

Today, I was at the Rugby Club with Lama, and we went quite hyper 😀 At the end (just like 1h ago) We ate and then we left. And I also read through everything I’ve done in my notebook and that was my revision for the geography test! 🙂 Now I really have to go to sleep, good night, sleep tight, don’t you let the bugs bite 😉

Polished Kiwi x