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Kuvahaaste (picture challenge)


Sain tän haasteen Sonnelta, kiitos erittäin paljon 🙂 (Thank you so much Sonne, for giving me this challenge^^)

1. Avaa neljäs kansio, jossa säilytät kuviasi. (Open the 4th folder were you have your pics)

2. Avaa neljäs kuva ja julkaise se blogissasi. (Open the 4th pic and publish it in your blog)

3. Selitä kuva. (Explain the pic)

4. Haasta neljä muuta bloggaajaa tekemään sama. (Challenge 4 other bloggers to do the same)

Mutta, neljännessä kansiossa ei ollut mitään, joten menin kolmanteen kansioon. Valitettavasti en voi käyttää neljättä kuvaa (kuvassa minä…en halunnu laittaa sitä tänne_D) joten otin sitten sen ekan kuvan niitten photobooth kuvien jälkeen 😀 No tässä se nyt on:

Niilo my cat

It's Niilo again, I love her!

Tää kuva on ihanaaaa!! Otin sen tänä vuonna helmikuussa kun olin käymässä suomessa 🙂 VIHDOIN Niilo katto SUORAAN KAMERAAN!! 😉

I ❤ this pic! I took it in February this year, when I was visiting Finland 😛 It’s my cat Niilo FINALLY looking STRAIGHT IN TO THE CAMERA!! 😉

Nyt pitää antaa eteenpäin 4 eri bloggaajalle xD Katotaanpas…(Now I have to pass this to 4 others…..Let’s see…)

BananaNina, Meette and Minnie.

Toivottavasti teette tän 🙂 (Hope you guys will do this one xD)


Little by little


Hey guys!

I’m starting to learn this thing, little by little, but still getting there. Some things like the themes and some other stuff like following and finding other blogs is still a bit confusing…But yey, I got my first follower on my first day~

So today, I will make a little post ’bout me. Nothing much, just to show people some characteristics and something else.

I’m a girl from Finland, now staying in the UAE, and starting my 2nd year.

I really miss my buddies&BFFs, snow and some family members (which means cats especially!).

As I’ve just told you, I have 2 cats, both living in Finland with my granny. They’re orange and they have light stripes so we sometimes call ’em tigers, especially when we see them hunting some little insect (yes, the younger one does it, lol) or some mice…They are really cute, if you don’t believe me, watch:

So this is my cat, Niilo, really cute isn’t she? :3

Believe me now? ;D

I have many true friends/BFFs and BFFLs, some in here and some in Finland. One in here is “Glamour Llamo” (Glamour is it ok 2 say that? xDDD) and other in Finland is……let’s just say Noodle, I don’t know which nickname to give her. Those two are my REEEALLY best friends<3

That’s it, I’ll save some other stuff for later 😉 See you soon!

Have a great day~