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I'm a girl from Finland, now living my 2nd year in the UAE. I love snow and I like polishing my nails. I've got 2 cats, but we had to leave them to Finland -so I really miss them... I like photographing, and I put pictures of my trips to my blog. You're welcome to have a look!~

Bringing Sexy Back


Hai..*pedo face*
So, it’s been AGES since I last posted anything on here….which is because I’be started to use Blogger again :p But oh how I miss getting loads of comments on my posts, since I don’t get any on Blogger 😦 Well, I’ve gotten 40 on this blog all together, which I think is quite a lot..Idk about you, we’re all different xD 

Okay, that title was originally “Long time no see” but then, as I was adding tags, that song just popped in my head -wait can you even say that? Oh, whatever!- and hence the new title.

So…I don’t know what I came to talk about…I guess I came to say that I will not delete my blog, due to…personal reasons (haha xD) and you know….I’ve just…grown attached to it xD Okay I think I should go easy on the smileys now…But I just personally don’t like it when people don’t use smileys because…I just feel as if they’re robots or something 😀 Yeah…and if you use smileys, then the meaning is more clear and you can prevent mishaps and everything..

OH SHIP. I just realized that maybe I shouldn’t update, because you have all forgotten about my blog, and now that I actually update it, you’ll all be like “OMG I still follow her?! WTF, I’m gonna unfollow now, ew!” But then i decided that even if I didn’t update you’d eventually find out and unfollow BECAUSE I didn’t update and…yeah.. Complicated? Very.

Umm…SO….I’d like to get some comments on this post….about anything really. If you don’t know what to comment, let me help;

1. Ideas for my blog?
2. Did you miss me? 😉
3. Should I just delete this blog? 😦
4. Do you want me to keep my blog? 🙂

Have a great day~




Hey everyone, I’ve had a LOOONG break, and I’m afraid I won’t blog here anymore. I started to blog with blogspot again 😦 Well,  I hope that if you used to follow me here you will continue with me in my other blog:

Merry Christmas~! q^ ^p

Merry Christmas everyone!  And Happy New Year 2012!!  
Sorry for saying that a bit too late^^°

I’ve not been blogging regularly/in a fast schedule, but I have my reasons. It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!! Yey! I’ve been quite busy, and also I haven’t felt like being on the computer. But now I’m here, so I could as well start.

Today I’ll just show you some of my regalos or gifts, as well as tell you how I celebrated Christmas 🙂

So, this is how my Christmas went:

We have certain traditions when we celebrate Christmas, just like everyone else. Our Christmas started at about 1am on the 24th of December (of course december 😛 ) when my step-dad’s alarm went off. I’m not sure if 1am….Well, somewhere around mid-night, a bit before 1 am 😀 Anyway, he woke up to put the pig in the oven. Why so early? Because it had to be in the oven for about 12 hours. Yes, 12. So you have to wake up early if you’re wanting it to be ready on time.

Then in the morning we already got to taste a bit of it, and I rushed upstairs to put the Christmas CD playing. Then us kids waited for the food to be done, and while waiting I wrapped up my last gift and put it under our Christmas tree.

Then the food was ready, and for my surprise, the only traditional food that was missing were the (mashed)potato casserole, carrot casserole etc. When we’d all eaten ourselves way too full, we watched the Christmas Peace declaring from our computer, and afterwards a short bit of this talk show, where kids get to call and then sing to Santa. It comes every Christmas 🙂

After all this, we started my favourite tradition: Opening the Presents 😀 In my family, this lasts for more than 3 hours, guess why? ‘Coz we open the gifts one at a time, one person at a time. Yes. First of all, we take all the present from under the Christmas tree, and we look which one is who’s, and we take them to the right owners. Then let’s say that I start. I pick a present from the ones in front of me, and I open it. This way everyone can see what the others got. Then the person next to me goes, and then the next and the next and the next and so on, until  we get back to me, and the round starts again. This will stop as soon as all the presents have been opened. So yeah, if we have 8 people doing this, it will take a long time 😛

Next, we take the presents to our rooms, and that’s it. Pretty soon after this we go to sleep, as it is getting late already.

So that’s how my Christmas went 🙂

Now, did I promise something about my presents?? Okay, first of all, I will do a list for you:

  • OPI Nail Polish-I Lily Love You
  • OPI Nail Polish-It’s My Year
  • 2 TheFaceShop nail polishes, a pastel blue, and a pastel yellow
  • A shirt (Ed Hardy)
  • A t-shirt (Ed Hardy)
  • A Hoodie (Ed Hardy)
  • a green top (Victoria’s Secret)
  • A Noir Tease set with a Perfume, Body Lotion and a Shower Gel (Noir Tease, Victoria’s Secret)
  • Another set with A Bubble Bath(foam), Body Butter, Hand Lotion and Perfume (Fruits and Passion)
  • A Treasure Island -book
  • A Hoodie (white, Juicy Couture)
  • A Hand Bag (black, Juicy Couture)
  • A hand Bag (Yellow, Ed Hardy)
  • (only the size of the tip of your thumb) Ski Goggle Charm~ (Juicy Couture)
  • A Chocolate Milkshake Charm (Juicy Couture)
  • A Necklace with a small Black Camera on it (Claire’s)
  • A Necklace with a small Toaster on it (Claire’s)
  • A Nail Care set with a nail buffer (4step) hand cream, cuticle cream and this weird “cuticle stick” which helps you to move the cuticles back…:’D(H&M)
  • A Nomination Charm, Hello Kitty (Nomination)
  • A Candle (4oz./113g) Biscuit Guimauve/Marshmallow Cookie (Bath and Body Works)
  • A Candle Holder (Bath and Body Works)
  • A Necklace (Claire’s)
  • Money 😉
  • These really soft/fluffy socks (really really soft!!)
  • A (fresh mint)Green Hoodie (H&M)
  • Long Socks (Ed Hardy)
I think I’m done! Yes, that is a lot, and I am VERY THANKFUL! Thank you all those people who I got my gifts from, I love them!!!!^^~ ^^~ ^^ ^^~  Pictures later 🙂

I hope you all had a very very pleasant and merry Christmas, see you soon!~ 

Finnish Translation:

Hyvää Joulua!

Toivottavasti siellä Suomessa on jo paljon lunta -täällä nimittäin ei ole 😉

Täällä Joulun vietto sujui aika perinteisesti. Laitettiin kinkku uuniin joskus yhden aikoihin yöllä (en tiedä ihan tarkkaan kun en ollut hereillä ) ja aamulla sitä päästiinkin jo vähän maistelemaan. Kuusi oli koristeltu jo aiemmin (21. tai 22. vaikka yleensä se koristellaan 24.) joten odoteltiin että ruoka valmistuu. Paketoin siinä odotellessa vielä yhden viime hetken lahjan,  jonka sitten vein kuusen alle -kaikkien muiden sekaan. Sitten olikin ruoka jo valmista -ainoa perinteinen ruoka mikä puuttui taisi olla kaikki laatikot, porkkana laatikot ja perunalaatikot jne. Sitten kun kaikki oli ihan täynnä, katsottiin koneelta Joulurauhan julistus, ja sitten vielä pieni pätkä Joulupukin kuumaalinjaa 🙂 .  Sen jälkeen alkoi Joululahjojen avaus. Tehtiin se perinteisesti, eli ensin jaetaan kaikki lahjat, sitten ruvetaan avaamaan niitä yksitellen. Siinä menikin sitten iltaan asti, melkein kahdeksaan. Ja hei,

Hyvää Uuttavuotta 2012!

A (late) b-day party post


Hola! I was celebrating my friend’s Drama’s birthday several weeks ago (last month) and we were having LOADS of fun 😉 I prefer small parties the best, with just your best friends. Of course sometimes it’s really nice and cheerful to have more people. But usually when you make a big party, people divide into groups, and there’s someone feeling left out. Also, you’ll easily end up giving attention to your best friends more than the other guests. Never happened to me, but I’ve seen this happen many times…

Anyway, this party was really nice! The guests included some of my best friends too: Pill and AJ 🙂 And the party was amazing too, of course as me and drama planned it with our amazing planning skills 😉

The party included some treasure hunting, piñata, eating (:D) and having fun! My favourite part was the piñata xD This is how it went:

The day before, me and drama made a piñata, and also decorated it. It ended up looking like an owl 😛 The plan was that everyone gets to have at least 1 turn. Drama first (of course, her b-day) then….me maybe? Or AJ, and then Pill. First round, Drama couldn’t make a difference. Then me, one tiny bump. Then AJ, and it falls down I think…. Then Pill and she makes a giant hole. Do you know the difference between the stick when me+drama and AJ+Pill where trying to break the piñata? Well, AJ broke the stick (this piñata was….extraordinary) and the ending part of the stick (a little rubber cap) flew off. Then we realized that this new stick was a lot better for breaking the piñata! That’s my defense! 😉

Just before I continue, I want to inform you a little detail of our stick, and the history behind it.

Me and Drama had to find a stick we could break the piñata with. So we went shopping. There was this shop, Daiso, with a lot of cheap and some not so cheap stuff. We thought:
” Hey! They have a lot of different stuff, let’s go there and we’ll see.”
So we went in, and walked around the shop for about 15-20 mins. 😛 Then, we saw one of those sticks that old people use ‘coz they can’t walk properly. Like this:

We were like “YES!! Perfect!” xD We bought it, and we were proud of our decision ;). So that’s the thing we were breaking the piñata with. Makes the image clearer? Good 🙂 Well, now I’ll go on telling how the “piñata breaking” continued.

As pill made the giant hole in it, we had one more round breaking it completely, and then finally I jumped on it. Then everyone collects as much candy as they can. Oh, and throughout this (actually every time someone was trying to break the piñata) Pill was singing the traditional spanish song for Piñata. Then we all got a lot of candy and everyone was happy 🙂

Also, the cake that was served was made by Drama, me, Pill and AJ 😀 It was a rainbow coloured cake :9 Here’s some pics of it:

Rainbow Cake by Polished Kiwi, Drama, Pill and AJ

Ta daa! Rainbow Cake by Polished Kiwi, Pill, Drama and AJ

Soooooo good 😉 We made it by putting some food colourings in it (layers).  The layers mixed when we baked it, so this is what it looked like after baking, and we added decorations 🙂 It was delicious! The taste was originally lemon.

A closer look at the rainbow cake (PolishedKiwi©)

A closer look 😉 There was some yellow there as well xD

I hope you enjoyed (and read all of) this post, and a new one is on its way!

Have a nice day, see you soon! 😉

Are there any other languages you wish you could speak?


You know sometimes, when you go traveling and you hear all these different languages which kinda sound cool? It happens to me in my school sometimes.

Well, I already know quite a many languages for my age. Don’t you agree?:

  1. Finnish, which is my mother tongue
  2. English, which I can speak really well too, they always think I’m a 1st language speaker, they sometimes think it’s my mother tongue 😛 (I go to an english speaking school, I’m in the high english group, and also am writing this blog in english)
  3. Spanish, which I started learning at school at the beginning of year 7. And I’m not sure of this, but I think I’m  one of the top students in my class (I have a proof for this: my test result, the 2nd best in the class, 97%, highest 98%)
  4. Arabic, and this is my weakest. I can have conversations in Arabic and for my last test I got 60/60, but of course, I have A LOT I still haven’t learned!!!

I think it’s nice to know many languages and I’m open to learn more,  like let’s say Italian. I know like maximum of 10 words right now 😛

Are there any other languages you wish you could speak?

This is just some examples of my finnish, spanish and arabic:

Moi, miten menee? Tää on vaan tällänen näyte, näytän vaan pari lausetta suomeks.

Hola! Me llamo Polished Kiwi. Cómo te llamas? Qué tal? Estoy fenomenal! Cuál es tu cumpleaños? De dónde eres? Soy de Finlandia.

Marhaban! Ana ismi Polished Kiwi. Kaifa halik? Ana jaieda aidan. Hal toheb al arabia? Naam, ana oheb al arabia.                  (I’m sorry I couldn’t write the arabic in actual arabic letters, but I don’t have them on my laptop)

So what languages you wish you could speak?

Celebrating Eid Al Adha with my family


Hi everyone! In here, there’s a week’s holiday right now, although there’s not much of it left(*edit, over!). Of course for some people it ended today (*edit, ended already!), but mine is still going 😛 We celebrated the Eid by going to Ras Al Khaimah. I took lots of pictures to show you, and for my relatives and friends in Finland who’s english is not enough good to  understand everything, I think (in the future, pictures) a little translation will do. So, to get on with my post, I will start.

We left on the 5th (of November of course) with our whole family. So we had to take the Land Rover. The drive was about  3 hours, and finally we arrived at the hotel (we took the longer way, with better landscape :P). My mom booked the hotel online, and it didn’t have any rating, but it turned out to be a nice place anyway. It was called Greek Plaza.

Lähettiin tossa 5. päivä (tätä kuuta tietty xD) koko perheen kanssa pienelle Eid Al Adha lomalle. Joten otettiin Land Rover :). Matka kesti noin 3h, ja sitten vihdoin oltiin hotellilla (otettiin maisema reitti :P). Äitini varasi hotellin netistä eikä siellä näkynyt arviota, mutta se oli yllättävän hyvä! 🙂 Sen hotellin nimi oli Greek Plaza.

On that day we were supposed to go to Oman, but because it would’ve cost 35dhs each, we didn’t want to go, as we would only have stayed for maximum of 2 hours. So we just drove around the city and ate at this (at first weird looking) place, can’t remember the name. The food was actually really tasty! My favourites were the bread (yes, normal arabic bread, but it tasted somehow SOOOO much better!) the chicken biryani (kinda say it like buriani) and the chicken tikka. We were there for a really long time, ‘coz it took a long time before we got the food! A minus for that 😉 From there we headed to a mall, and after that to the hotel.

Some desert :)

Some desert 🙂

Sinä päivänä meiän piti viel mennä Omaniin, mutta koska se olisi maksanut 35dhs per henki, ei menty koska oltas oltu siellä enintään vaan 2h. Joten sitte siellä ajeltiin ympäri R.A.K.:aa. Siellä päätettiin löytää joku hyvä ruokapaikka. Törmättiin sellaseen vähän epämääräsen näköseen ravintolaan -joka olikin tosi hyvä! Se ruoka oli ihanaa ❤ Varsinki se Arabic Bread vaikka se oli ihan vaan normii, pelkkää arabic breadia xDDD No ainoo huono puoli oli että kesti aika kauan ennen kun se ruoka tuli…

The next day we went to Dream Land, this nice waterpark -wait, made a mistake there: USUALLY nice waterpark. Ya wanna know why this time wasn’t pleasent at all? There were a lot of families, all from a specific country, but I’m sorry I don’t wanna put it here. Everyone would probably judge me racist. So, there were A LOT of them, and you know what? A giant wave pool, was just filled with them! I tried to go in but I have to say -in the middle of the day you just couldn’t. WAY too crowded. Otherwise it was nice 🙂

Seuraavana päivänä mentiin vesipuistoon jonka nimi oli Dream Land. Tosi mukava paikka-YLEENSÄ. Nimittäin tällä kertaa koko paikka oli valitettavasti täynnä….no, ibtualaisia. Muutin tosta pari kirjainta, etten loukkaisi… Mutta, siellä oli siis PALJON niitä, joten ei se kamalan mukavaa sitten ollut. Yks allas oli näitä kyseisiä henkilöitä IHAN täynnä. Muuten ihan mukavaa 🙂 

Now, the next day, we were supposed to go to Dream Land again, this time with different company. But as the family was local, we couldn’t go with ’em anymore (the minute we told ’em that it was crowded with *ubsupba* they had to cancel 😦 So we didn’t go. Instead we decided to leave early, so that we would be back in home in Al Ain earlier. One of the things we stopped at ( for a long time) was at a mall, were we saw a reeeeally lovely shop, called Eye Candy. Guess what bags it had? Guess! ❤ OMG they were amazing! Of course we bought some bags -two actually. Enough of that ;D That’s pretty much it. Oh, one more thing:

There was a huge traffic jam on the way home:

The Traffic Jam...

And here's the traffic jam on the way home..

Lovely 😛

Seuraavana päivänä sitten piti mennä Dream Land’iin uudestaan, mutta eilisen perusteella ei oikein huvittanut. Ja muutenkin meiän kaa oli tulossa yks arabialainen perhe, ja kun ne kuuli tästä niin ei ne enää halunnu tulla. No päätettiin sitten vaan lähteä illan sijasta aamulla takasin kotiin. Pysähyttiin khyllä yhdessä aikas ihanassa mallissa: siel oli Eye Candy, Guess!!! Guessin laukkujaaaaa!! PUOLEEN HINTAAAAAAAN AAAAARGH! No sieltä tarttu pari (eli siis 2) laukkua mukaan…. 😉 Siitä tarpeeks xD Siellä käytiin kanssa Stabucksis, mulle strawberry cheesecake. EI, se EI MAISTUNUT yhtään juustolle. En ois muuten ottanu sitä, sillä en voi sietää juustoa 😛 Sitten vielä yks juttu:

Kotiin tullessa siellä oli jätti ruuhka! Tos ylhäällä on kuva. Ihanaa. Mutta se siitä lomasta, moro! ❤

That’s it for this trip, hopefully more posts like this comin’ soon ❤