No, I am not from any country that speaks spanish.

Clue #1: It’s reeeally cold in there.

Clue #2: But last summer was hot!

Clue #3: Xylitol was invented in this country.

Clue #4:  We have reindeer.

Last Clue: WE. LOVE. SALT LIQUORICE (salmiakki, as we call it)…Or not actually everybody, it’s kinda fifty fifty…As they say:

World’s most disliked, Finland’s most loved:

Lol, watch the video, it describes us Finns perfectly. 😛 So I’m from Finland, although now starting my 2nd year here in the U.A.E.

I’m in Secondary, in year 7. I go to an international english speaking school. Btw, that’s the reason the teachers think I’m a 1st language speaker, although I’m actually a 2nd language speaker.

I have 2 cats, you’ll find pictures of ’em here in my blog sometimes (like the post “Little by little…”)

I have lots of friends, but also some true friends.

People keep on saying that I’m tall, but my opinion is something completely opposite: I think I’m short.

I hope you’ll start following my blog if you like it ❤ I really do appreciate it!!^^ ❤


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