Bringing Sexy Back


Hai..*pedo face*
So, it’s been AGES since I last posted anything on here….which is because I’be started to use Blogger again :p But oh how I miss getting loads of comments on my posts, since I don’t get any on Blogger 😦 Well, I’ve gotten 40 on this blog all together, which I think is quite a lot..Idk about you, we’re all different xD 

Okay, that title was originally “Long time no see” but then, as I was adding tags, that song just popped in my head -wait can you even say that? Oh, whatever!- and hence the new title.

So…I don’t know what I came to talk about…I guess I came to say that I will not delete my blog, due to…personal reasons (haha xD) and you know….I’ve just…grown attached to it xD Okay I think I should go easy on the smileys now…But I just personally don’t like it when people don’t use smileys because…I just feel as if they’re robots or something 😀 Yeah…and if you use smileys, then the meaning is more clear and you can prevent mishaps and everything..

OH SHIP. I just realized that maybe I shouldn’t update, because you have all forgotten about my blog, and now that I actually update it, you’ll all be like “OMG I still follow her?! WTF, I’m gonna unfollow now, ew!” But then i decided that even if I didn’t update you’d eventually find out and unfollow BECAUSE I didn’t update and…yeah.. Complicated? Very.

Umm…SO….I’d like to get some comments on this post….about anything really. If you don’t know what to comment, let me help;

1. Ideas for my blog?
2. Did you miss me? 😉
3. Should I just delete this blog? 😦
4. Do you want me to keep my blog? 🙂

Have a great day~


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  1. Keep writing if it makes you happy. Followers aren’t everything. It used to matter to me until I was getting burned out and it took the fun out of blogging for me. I blog cause it makes me happy. 🙂 Followers are just a bonus.

    • it means a lot to me that you commented, cheers for that x

      And well, writing does make me happy, and I have so many ideas, but it’s sort of a battle between blogger and wordpress, you know? I personally only read your blog here on wordpress but on blogger i read loads and some of them actually follow me too (that’s 20).. And yeah, I know, but well I just feel like more people will be likely to acknowledge my blog on blogger and i guess i sort of like using blogger more even? but thanks for sharing your opinion&help 🙂 xx

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