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Merry Christmas~! q^ ^p

Merry Christmas everyone!  And Happy New Year 2012!!  
Sorry for saying that a bit too late^^°

I’ve not been blogging regularly/in a fast schedule, but I have my reasons. It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!! Yey! I’ve been quite busy, and also I haven’t felt like being on the computer. But now I’m here, so I could as well start.

Today I’ll just show you some of my regalos or gifts, as well as tell you how I celebrated Christmas 🙂

So, this is how my Christmas went:

We have certain traditions when we celebrate Christmas, just like everyone else. Our Christmas started at about 1am on the 24th of December (of course december 😛 ) when my step-dad’s alarm went off. I’m not sure if 1am….Well, somewhere around mid-night, a bit before 1 am 😀 Anyway, he woke up to put the pig in the oven. Why so early? Because it had to be in the oven for about 12 hours. Yes, 12. So you have to wake up early if you’re wanting it to be ready on time.

Then in the morning we already got to taste a bit of it, and I rushed upstairs to put the Christmas CD playing. Then us kids waited for the food to be done, and while waiting I wrapped up my last gift and put it under our Christmas tree.

Then the food was ready, and for my surprise, the only traditional food that was missing were the (mashed)potato casserole, carrot casserole etc. When we’d all eaten ourselves way too full, we watched the Christmas Peace declaring from our computer, and afterwards a short bit of this talk show, where kids get to call and then sing to Santa. It comes every Christmas 🙂

After all this, we started my favourite tradition: Opening the Presents 😀 In my family, this lasts for more than 3 hours, guess why? ‘Coz we open the gifts one at a time, one person at a time. Yes. First of all, we take all the present from under the Christmas tree, and we look which one is who’s, and we take them to the right owners. Then let’s say that I start. I pick a present from the ones in front of me, and I open it. This way everyone can see what the others got. Then the person next to me goes, and then the next and the next and the next and so on, until  we get back to me, and the round starts again. This will stop as soon as all the presents have been opened. So yeah, if we have 8 people doing this, it will take a long time 😛

Next, we take the presents to our rooms, and that’s it. Pretty soon after this we go to sleep, as it is getting late already.

So that’s how my Christmas went 🙂

Now, did I promise something about my presents?? Okay, first of all, I will do a list for you:

  • OPI Nail Polish-I Lily Love You
  • OPI Nail Polish-It’s My Year
  • 2 TheFaceShop nail polishes, a pastel blue, and a pastel yellow
  • A shirt (Ed Hardy)
  • A t-shirt (Ed Hardy)
  • A Hoodie (Ed Hardy)
  • a green top (Victoria’s Secret)
  • A Noir Tease set with a Perfume, Body Lotion and a Shower Gel (Noir Tease, Victoria’s Secret)
  • Another set with A Bubble Bath(foam), Body Butter, Hand Lotion and Perfume (Fruits and Passion)
  • A Treasure Island -book
  • A Hoodie (white, Juicy Couture)
  • A Hand Bag (black, Juicy Couture)
  • A hand Bag (Yellow, Ed Hardy)
  • (only the size of the tip of your thumb) Ski Goggle Charm~ (Juicy Couture)
  • A Chocolate Milkshake Charm (Juicy Couture)
  • A Necklace with a small Black Camera on it (Claire’s)
  • A Necklace with a small Toaster on it (Claire’s)
  • A Nail Care set with a nail buffer (4step) hand cream, cuticle cream and this weird “cuticle stick” which helps you to move the cuticles back…:’D(H&M)
  • A Nomination Charm, Hello Kitty (Nomination)
  • A Candle (4oz./113g) Biscuit Guimauve/Marshmallow Cookie (Bath and Body Works)
  • A Candle Holder (Bath and Body Works)
  • A Necklace (Claire’s)
  • Money 😉
  • These really soft/fluffy socks (really really soft!!)
  • A (fresh mint)Green Hoodie (H&M)
  • Long Socks (Ed Hardy)
I think I’m done! Yes, that is a lot, and I am VERY THANKFUL! Thank you all those people who I got my gifts from, I love them!!!!^^~ ^^~ ^^ ^^~  Pictures later 🙂

I hope you all had a very very pleasant and merry Christmas, see you soon!~ 

Finnish Translation:

Hyvää Joulua!

Toivottavasti siellä Suomessa on jo paljon lunta -täällä nimittäin ei ole 😉

Täällä Joulun vietto sujui aika perinteisesti. Laitettiin kinkku uuniin joskus yhden aikoihin yöllä (en tiedä ihan tarkkaan kun en ollut hereillä ) ja aamulla sitä päästiinkin jo vähän maistelemaan. Kuusi oli koristeltu jo aiemmin (21. tai 22. vaikka yleensä se koristellaan 24.) joten odoteltiin että ruoka valmistuu. Paketoin siinä odotellessa vielä yhden viime hetken lahjan,  jonka sitten vein kuusen alle -kaikkien muiden sekaan. Sitten olikin ruoka jo valmista -ainoa perinteinen ruoka mikä puuttui taisi olla kaikki laatikot, porkkana laatikot ja perunalaatikot jne. Sitten kun kaikki oli ihan täynnä, katsottiin koneelta Joulurauhan julistus, ja sitten vielä pieni pätkä Joulupukin kuumaalinjaa 🙂 .  Sen jälkeen alkoi Joululahjojen avaus. Tehtiin se perinteisesti, eli ensin jaetaan kaikki lahjat, sitten ruvetaan avaamaan niitä yksitellen. Siinä menikin sitten iltaan asti, melkein kahdeksaan. Ja hei,

Hyvää Uuttavuotta 2012!