Celebrating Eid Al Adha with my family


Hi everyone! In here, there’s a week’s holiday right now, although there’s not much of it left(*edit, over!). Of course for some people it ended today (*edit, ended already!), but mine is still going 😛 We celebrated the Eid by going to Ras Al Khaimah. I took lots of pictures to show you, and for my relatives and friends in Finland who’s english is not enough good to  understand everything, I think (in the future, pictures) a little translation will do. So, to get on with my post, I will start.

We left on the 5th (of November of course) with our whole family. So we had to take the Land Rover. The drive was about  3 hours, and finally we arrived at the hotel (we took the longer way, with better landscape :P). My mom booked the hotel online, and it didn’t have any rating, but it turned out to be a nice place anyway. It was called Greek Plaza.

LĂ€hettiin tossa 5. pĂ€ivĂ€ (tĂ€tĂ€ kuuta tietty xD) koko perheen kanssa pienelle Eid Al Adha lomalle. Joten otettiin Land Rover :). Matka kesti noin 3h, ja sitten vihdoin oltiin hotellilla (otettiin maisema reitti :P). Äitini varasi hotellin netistĂ€ eikĂ€ siellĂ€ nĂ€kynyt arviota, mutta se oli yllĂ€ttĂ€vĂ€n hyvĂ€! 🙂 Sen hotellin nimi oli Greek Plaza.

On that day we were supposed to go to Oman, but because it would’ve cost 35dhs each, we didn’t want to go, as we would only have stayed for maximum of 2 hours. So we just drove around the city and ate at this (at first weird looking) place, can’t remember the name. The food was actually really tasty! My favourites were the bread (yes, normal arabic bread, but it tasted somehow SOOOO much better!) the chicken biryani (kinda say it like buriani) and the chicken tikka. We were there for a really long time, ‘coz it took a long time before we got the food! A minus for that 😉 From there we headed to a mall, and after that to the hotel.

Some desert :)

Some desert 🙂

SinĂ€ pĂ€ivĂ€nĂ€ meiĂ€n piti viel mennĂ€ Omaniin, mutta koska se olisi maksanut 35dhs per henki, ei menty koska oltas oltu siellĂ€ enintÀÀn vaan 2h. Joten sitte siellĂ€ ajeltiin ympĂ€ri R.A.K.:aa. SiellĂ€ pÀÀtettiin löytÀÀ joku hyvĂ€ ruokapaikka. TörmĂ€ttiin sellaseen vĂ€hĂ€n epĂ€mÀÀrĂ€sen nĂ€köseen ravintolaan -joka olikin tosi hyvĂ€! Se ruoka oli ihanaa ❀ Varsinki se Arabic Bread vaikka se oli ihan vaan normii, pelkkÀÀ arabic breadia xDDD No ainoo huono puoli oli ettĂ€ kesti aika kauan ennen kun se ruoka tuli…

The next day we went to Dream Land, this nice waterpark -wait, made a mistake there: USUALLY nice waterpark. Ya wanna know why this time wasn’t pleasent at all? There were a lot of families, all from a specific country, but I’m sorry I don’t wanna put it here. Everyone would probably judge me racist. So, there were A LOT of them, and you know what? A giant wave pool, was just filled with them! I tried to go in but I have to say -in the middle of the day you just couldn’t. WAY too crowded. Otherwise it was nice 🙂

Seuraavana pĂ€ivĂ€nĂ€ mentiin vesipuistoon jonka nimi oli Dream Land. Tosi mukava paikka-YLEENSÄ. NimittĂ€in tĂ€llĂ€ kertaa koko paikka oli valitettavasti tĂ€ynnĂ€….no, ibtualaisia. Muutin tosta pari kirjainta, etten loukkaisi… Mutta, siellĂ€ oli siis PALJON niitĂ€, joten ei se kamalan mukavaa sitten ollut. Yks allas oli nĂ€itĂ€ kyseisiĂ€ henkilöitĂ€ IHAN tĂ€ynnĂ€. Muuten ihan mukavaa 🙂 

Now, the next day, we were supposed to go to Dream Land again, this time with different company. But as the family was local, we couldn’t go with ’em anymore (the minute we told ’em that it was crowded with *ubsupba* they had to cancel 😩 So we didn’t go. Instead we decided to leave early, so that we would be back in home in Al Ain earlier. One of the things we stopped at ( for a long time) was at a mall, were we saw a reeeeally lovely shop, called Eye Candy. Guess what bags it had? Guess! ❀ OMG they were amazing! Of course we bought some bags -two actually. Enough of that ;D That’s pretty much it. Oh, one more thing:

There was a huge traffic jam on the way home:

The Traffic Jam...

And here's the traffic jam on the way home..

Lovely 😛

Seuraavana pĂ€ivĂ€nĂ€ sitten piti mennĂ€ Dream Land’iin uudestaan, mutta eilisen perusteella ei oikein huvittanut. Ja muutenkin meiĂ€n kaa oli tulossa yks arabialainen perhe, ja kun ne kuuli tĂ€stĂ€ niin ei ne enÀÀ halunnu tulla. No pÀÀtettiin sitten vaan lĂ€hteĂ€ illan sijasta aamulla takasin kotiin. PysĂ€hyttiin khyllĂ€ yhdessĂ€ aikas ihanassa mallissa: siel oli Eye Candy, Guess!!! Guessin laukkujaaaaa!! PUOLEEN HINTAAAAAAAN AAAAARGH! No sieltĂ€ tarttu pari (eli siis 2) laukkua mukaan…. 😉 SiitĂ€ tarpeeks xD SiellĂ€ kĂ€ytiin kanssa Stabucksis, mulle strawberry cheesecake. EI, se EI MAISTUNUT yhtÀÀn juustolle. En ois muuten ottanu sitĂ€, sillĂ€ en voi sietÀÀ juustoa 😛 Sitten vielĂ€ yks juttu:

Kotiin tullessa siellĂ€ oli jĂ€tti ruuhka! Tos ylhÀÀllĂ€ on kuva. Ihanaa. Mutta se siitĂ€ lomasta, moro! ❀

That’s it for this trip, hopefully more posts like this comin’ soon ❀


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I'm a girl from Finland, now living my 2nd year in the UAE. I love snow and I like polishing my nails. I've got 2 cats, but we had to leave them to Finland -so I really miss them... I like photographing, and I put pictures of my trips to my blog. You're welcome to have a look!~

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